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The Intercessors Book series are a mysterious and romantic adventures that will take readers deep into the heart of God's Word and teach readers about the power of prayer. 

These books are designed to inspire readers to study the Bible, learn the scriptures and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of prayer and in turn, readers themselves become empowered in spiritual warfare.

There are seven books total for The Intercessors series with plans for a pre-qual series based upon the life and adventures of Obadiah O'Sullivan all to look forward to in the future!

Do not be afraid, God is with you. Empower yourself as a spiritual warrior and face the world we live in equipped to battle the attacks of the enemy which come.
Become... a warrior of God, become an

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"The Intercessors - Exordium"
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"Exordium"             "Sword of Miracles"         "Confession"  NEW!!
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The Intercessors is one series of the Master's Messengers book ministries.
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